Friday, January 3, 2014

Current Events: My Spin on Phil Robertson and the Norovirus

The past few weeks Phil Robertson of the well known show Duck Dynasty has been criticized and revered by many for his answer to a question regarding homosexuality. Now here is my view:

First Amendment allows everyone here in America the right to say as they wish freely. Now just because Phil's question was based on his biblical and spiritual beliefs doesn't not negate his First Amendment right. However, because he is a prominent figure in television and vocal about his beliefs in Christ people seem to care more about what he says because they want to catch him acting unchristian. 

I understand that thinking but I don't agree with it. I will tell you the same thing he said. I do not agree with homosexuality. God says that it is immoral and I believe His word. However, that does not mean I will judge someone or dislike them because of it. I will love you just the same and you are still a child of God, loved by him no less. 

Current event two is spreading fast in my part of the United States so I really wanted to touch on it. There is a current strong strain of norovirus that is spreading through several states at a fast rate with serious symptoms and a long shelf life. Several friends and their families have had it. Here is my take on it:

I believe this virus is like the plague. It puts you down for several days unable to walk, eat, or function like a living human being. However , many people are still contagious up to two weeks after they feel better. In this case I ask you to be careful and thoughtful of others. Wash your hands frequently, stay home if you are vomiting, running a fever, or have diahrrea. If at all possible have family bring you what you need. Clean your home with a bleach solution if someone in your home is sick. Don't take your kids out if they are sick. Be considerate of others and the fact that they don't want to get sick. If we aren't cautious this thing will sweep the United States and we will wish we had never come across it.

**Now tell me what you think about these two current events or share a current event and your thoughts on it. 

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