Saturday, January 25, 2014

What It Means to Be a Mother in 2014

Today in the year 2014 being a mother is something much more than carrying a child for 9 months, giving birth (by whatever means), adopting a child, or becoming a parent again of your grandchildren. Being a mother in 2014 means knowing that each and everything that happens to you, positive or negative will inevitably affect your children and your family causing you more heartache than you ever imagined possible.
This past week I was laid off from my job and while it was only part time and I was only there for just a few days shy of 3 months it was quite a hard pill to swallow. As mother's it hurts us to see our children upset, mad, sick, or any number of other emotions they may go through. However, when you are handed the horse pill of being unemployed with children and know that you are responsible for caring for them, and currently have no way to do that, the world suddenly starts to spin at a very rapid speed.
My husband has been out of work since October and when I found work it was a true blessing. It was part time, but it allowed me to work, my husband to watch our youngest and pick up our 2 oldest from school and then work on the long weekends while I was off. 
I told myself when I got this job that I was going to be a shining light for Jesus and never deny Him or the love I had for Him, or the relationship we shared. I truly believe I was a shining light for Him and I met some people there who I came to respect and who were very sweet people. However, I know that even though this is a season I was not ready for, it is a season that the Lord has placed before me. Our preacher is doing a series on Seasons in life and one of the things he has been speaking on is the ability to wait "wait well" when the Lord places us in one of those unwanted or undesirable seasons.
I know He loves me and my family, and has nothing but great plans for us, Jeremiah 29:11. I just pray that I can wait well, praise Him in this storm, love Him despite my selfish ways, and show everyone I meet that He lives in me and I will be strong because of Him, Philippians 4:13. He has not left me, He has not forsaken me, and I know He loves me because He made me to love Him.
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