Monday, January 20, 2014

Sick Day Fun

What happens when you go to church every Sunday, never miss a sermon or activity and then all of a sudden you as a mother become sick and then one of your children becomes sick? Continue read to below to find out.

I love my church family like they are an extension of my little family at home. My heart swells to know that I can worship with them, praise the Lord with them, and fellowship with them every week. However, it is a sad day in my house when someone is sick and we don't go to church.

My middle child DD6 decided that since she was sick this past Sunday with me that she would occupy her time and cover her upset in not being at church, by dressing up our almost 10 year old boxer Diamond (she's a girl) in some dress up clothes.

 She is such a good sport! She has got to be the cutest senior boxer there is. She has been with us since the year we got pregnant with our oldest in 2004. I have nursed her to health from being hit by a car just before she turned 1 year old, she has protected us from the canister toting bug man, covered our couches and black pants in fur, and dug holes in our yard in order to bury invisible bones :-)

My daughter adorned her with a beautiful pink tutu and some gorgeous bows for accessories and let me tell you, to be as old as she is, she was a trooper. I love that she is so good with our kids, listens to them, lays with them and on them.

She is our pet, we are her family. She is my first born and I am her mama. We love her just as she belongs here, and she loves us like no one else ever will. Sick day fun was definitely worth it.

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  1. Your dog is very forgiving and looks great in a tutu! I love how she lays with the kids. Our dog is to hyper to do that!

    1. She is awesome! We got her just before we found out we were pregnant with kiddo #1 and she had been with us for 10 years now. I couldn't imagine life without her :-)

  2. Love the photos. Hope everyone is back to being healthy and well! #SITStribe